Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just giving it a try

Pic: Miami to Houston
Trying this app for the first time!

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It's Gonna Be a Busy Day!

I have my physiology block 1 exam tomorrow and I have barely done anything for phsyio this block. It's so sad! I focused all of my time on genetics for some reason. I think its because its more mathy? But there's a lot of formulas in physio too. I'm so scared! My coffee tastes disgusting this morning! I don't know what I did wrong but it doesn't taste like it should. Maybe its a sign that I should cut back on coffee since I'm more prone to asthma attacks the day before exams...haha.

Gotta hit the Guyton book

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pushing through

I'm still here. Been very busy. Officially an MDII and not feeling this semester at all. I'm so glad that MDI is over! It was a blast and I learned so much. This semester on the other hand, is just so blah. I mean yes it just started (I have my Block 1 exams this Friday) but for some reason I don't feel like I've learned much...its been 3 weeks now. The professors are very vague and disorganized.Its very hard to follow them in class because I'm either intimidated by their extensive knowledge or completely lost and hoping for a station coming up where I can get on their train of I've just decided to do my own thing. I'm starting to read the USMLE first AID book. It's not bad very brief but straight to the point which is something I really like. Kaplan videos are great tools too if you are bored of reading. I don't know if thats good enough for the professors this semester. I really hope so.

I have no time to blog about everything that I wanted to blog about here because I have 3 exams this Friday! I do plan to come here more often though.

I miss blogging : (

Till next time,