Thursday, August 13, 2009

So they left...

...on Tuesday, Aug/11/09 at 8:38am. I can't believe it happened. It just did. So fast, without any hesitation. It happened. Last week went by so fast. I can never forget the looks my father gave my mom...They were pretty serious. They almost said "I trust that you'll take care of the girls. You have a big responsibility. I'll try my best. I love you". They were pretty deep looks. I don't feel like typing a lot today. I have to study for my last exam. I'm so frustrated.


Till next time

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Periodic Table of Texting?

Yeah. I know. I expected Chemistry. LOL It did put a smile on my face I have to admit. Hahaha. It's cute, not sure I would wear it....

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alright, here it comes again!

I just lost everything I typed :( Oh well, here it comes again. I bought a new 12.1 MP, HD, wide angle Canon camera! I love Canon. I haven't used it yet....I've been reading the user guide booklet, it seems pretty easy to use. That's why I like Canon, very user-friendly (unlike Nikon). It also comes with a software that you download on the computer to play around with the pic. Kinda cool but I haven't explored it yet. But yea, as of now, I should have no excuse for not being able to take pics lol.

The original blog which was deleted by blogspot for some sort of technical reason, was titled "The Big Bang Theory". It's this new drama show that I've started watching recently. It's just simply hilarious...The show revolves around 4 nerdy physicists who struggle to "fit-in" and impress their next door hot blonde neighbour. I just can't get enough of it. I usually watch all of my shows online (> free website that lets you watch pretty much every show out there. I kind of feel guilty about it but oh well.

I just ordered this really cute t-shirt online from bluenotes. I don't usually shop from bluenotes but this t-shirt caught my attention! It's got the periodic table on it, it's just simply adorable. I'll take a pic of it once I get it. I'm kind of in a "nerdy mood" these days...I don't know if it's the big bang theory or just me lol.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I have a volunteer information session at Western Toronto Hospital, wich is a hospital specialized in neuroscientific research. I hope I get the position...I hate how everything nowadays is about competion. It's freakin' volunteer, you're not being paid...and yet you're competing against hundreds of students who apply for the position. That's kind of why my parents want to move out of Toronto...Toronto=Immigrants=Competion for limited resources. I'm pretty sure if I lived in Winnipeg, I would be able to get a volunteer position very easily...But then again there's the benefits of multiculturaism here. Toronto is very multicultural, you pretty much find people here from all around the world...which is good and bad at the same time. Winnipeg (which is where my parents are planning to move) is a pretty "white/natives province" which means that they're probably gonna be scared of us for a little which since we're "different" from everyone else there. The thought of it itself stresses me out. But I've put it up with a lot of ignorant people in the past...

Anyway, it's 5:30am.

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Pissed off

I just wrote a very long blog, possibly 6 paragraphs and it all got deleted! I HATE blospot!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I found this awesome website as I was surfing the net. It is so helpful and the instructions are written for someone who knows practically nothing about cooking--idiot-proof. I love the way Dede explains things. I made Fatteh today and it turned out AMAZING! Everyone enjoyed it. I'm gonna make spinach pie today and may something else....I'm thinking chesse sticks *yummy*

I'm a little sick today. Can't breathe, used my puffer twice already (I don't have asthma but my family doctor suggested prescribed it). I'm so tired :(

Still looking for a good camera so I can start taking pics/videos and uploading them here.

till next time

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Horrible Internet connection

Unfortunately I haven't been able to blog a lot lately due to "network problems" that Rogers is experiencing! Very unacceptable but what do you do. Its supposed to be working tomorrow....I'm at work right now, it's 6:24am. I'm done in 30 minutes :) :) :) thought I would blog before I go home...

I got my shoes!!!!! They are so AHHH-DOR-ABLE! I love 'em. I still don't have an outfit to match but that I can work on later. I need to buy a digtial camera ASAP! My phone's camera is pretty crappy and it won't let me upload pics onto the computer. It's gay.
I swear we have like 3 digital cameras but alas, none of them work when I want them to work! So I've decided to buy my own digital camera and not share it with anyone else. I'm not exactly very tech savvy so I'm just gonna go for Canon, hopefully a lithium-powered one.

Yeah that's all I think. I'm tired.

till next time