Sunday, December 27, 2009

I need a charger

or better yet a defibrillator. I need to restart my system. I need a break. I can't do this anymore and I can't believe that school is starting soon. I didn't do anything this holiday. All I did was work. work. work. Ugh I hate my life. I'm so not motivated to do anything. Mom went to the mosque today for Ashura...which used to be an event I would look forward to, but not anymore. I didn't go with them. She was very disappointed. But oh well, I have alot on my plate at the moment. I can't digest everything at once and have a social life (not that this is possible, given my work conditions).

Yesterday, I almost had an asthma attack, I felt energy-less (don't know if thats a word). I literally couldn't even talk. And it was boxing day...I was so tired all day. and to be honest, I'm still tired and not in a blogging mood but I thought its been a while and I need to take some of this stuff off of my chest...

I'm seriously considering creating a sub-blog, I want it to be private though. There are so many things I want to talk about but I just don't feel very comfortable expressing them here. Something like a diary. Something private.

Another project I'm thinking of launching is the Corners of my Life project. What this project is about is basically talking/posting different pictures of corners/places around UTSC, Toronto, my house, friends etc...I thought it would be neat since I'm leaving Toronto in the summer. and I may not come back again *tears*. But thats not gonna be a whole new blog, just a bunch of posts.

Anyhow, now I wanna talk about shopping. Yesterday was boxing day and I didn't go shopping :(
but I've been doing a lot of online shopping. Oh yeah, I got my boots from and I am abseloutely in love with them! They are so comfortable and cute! I put another order through and will post up pictures as soon as I receive it.

Today however, I was on A&F's website and found this really cute classic shirt. It is so simple and elegent :) I think I'm gonna get it...I just don't have time to go shopping and I don't wanna order it on their webstie because I have to try it in their store first.

So yeah, as you can tell from the above, my thoughts are pretty much scattered all over the place but thats because its 4:04AM and I am soooo tired.
I'm planning to bake something tomorrow :)

Till next time,

Friday, December 11, 2009 and I hate Forever21

Hello world :)

Yesterday I was so pissed off! I went on Forever21's website to order this really gorgeous dress that I found. It was only $7.99! So I put the dress in the cart (after having signed into my F21 account of course) and then I kept shopping. I thought it wouldn't be worth it if I only bought one thing and paid $10 for shipping. So I was looking around to find other things that would match with the dress...Like I grabbed a pair of leggings, a pendant necklace and my sister found a fancy mini skirt that she wanted to wear to her friend's all-girls Christmas party. So anyhow, so we ended up with about 5 or 6 item, total came up to $44.00 and we're like yeah whatever. So I click on "continue to checkout" and it says to me "Sorry one of your items is out of stock, please remove item to proceed". I flipped. It turned out that they ran out while I was shopping and they just decided to take stuff out of people's carts. What the heck were they thinking? Just because I took my time to look for accessories, it doesn't mean that I wasn't serious. And the funny thing is, I did it all in one sitting. It's not like I logged out, navigated away from the browser and then came back to find it gone, no I was there, on their website, the whole time. It was so frustrating. I spent more than an hour trying to match an outfit :( I hate Forever21 now. I wrote them an e-mail but they haven't responded yet. It was so frustrating! So I emptied my cart right away and closed my window. I was so mad :(

But to ease off this frustration (lol) I went on GoJane and I found my size in these boots that I've been wanting for a month now! THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I don't expect them to last for long. I tried them on at Dukati and they were pretty comfortable but just not winter material. I was thinking of wearing it inside. OMG I love them. Here's how they look:

As you can see, they are prtty short which is perfect. I wasn't looking for anything hookerish material. I hate long boots, especially if you have long legs. It just looks wrong.

So they had them in blue, mustard, and black but as mentioned in my pervious blog, grey is the colour of the season!!! I have never shopped from GoJane before but I thoguht I would give it a try.

On a negative note, I have an exam tomorrow and I have only finished 5 chapters out of the 16 chapters assigned. I am silently freaking out lol. I hate this :( And I'm supposed to meet up with someone to go over the notes (which I don't even have yet). I don't know

Till next time,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Okay so I only have 15 minutes to write this blog because I have to start studying at 11. I have been slacking off a lot lately :( I was supposed to finish 5 chapters yesterday but it didn't happen. Instead, I only finished 2 chapters. Ugh I hate myself! I'm probably gonna leave it to the last minute. I could so see it happening! But oh well. Anyhow...I hate the TTC. Today, I left home at 8:30am and I got here at 10:30am. It took me 2 hours to get here when I live so close by. It only takes 12mins driving. I want a car!!!! I really want a car.

And on top of that, I was wearing my Lacoste boots...I'm telling you, by the time I got here, my feet were frozen. My socks were frozen. Its so frustrating. I'm gonna have to get myself a pair of UGGS. I just don't have time to go to the mall. I'm so busy with exams I heard they're cheaper online. Someone recommended a website called ShoeGhost I've never really shopped from there. I still have to read their return/refund policy. I really like these UGGS though.

My sister has a pair of EMUs, she says that they're pretty comfortable, although I don't see her wearing them anymore. I got them for her last Christmas. Honestly, I don't care about style anymore, not after today anyway. All I want is a pair of comfortable boots that can put it with Toronto's harsh winter. Is that so much to ask for?
I would really appreciate any suggestions!

Alright, time to go to the library!!!

Till next time,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm very disappointed in myself. I asked my Prof. for an extension for my thesis and was granted but I didn't do anything. I wish I hadn't. I wish had handed it in when everyone else did. They're done and can focus on their finals. UGh I hate being the loser.

I'm so behind in school and there is NO WAY that I can go to work this weekend. I'm so confused. I'm so fed up. Ugh, I hate myself.

I just want to scream.