Saturday, January 15, 2011

The battle has just begun

I've been wanting to blog about the recent events but it just seems like time is so golden. It really grabs you by the wrist and directs your life. But I am all alone now...and words can't describe how much I miss my family but the good thing is I am surrounded by other people who are going through the exam same thing I am going through. It just makes things easier and somewhat healthier. I really have no time to blog about all the details but if there's one thing I wanted to express here it has to be that medical school is no joke! And the more we progress in our course material, the more doubt I have about my ability to survive. Sometimes at lunch time I just sit there and space out. I think about what a good friend of mine told me before I left Winnipeg. He said that this move [medical school+being on my own] is a big move and that he is afraid that its going to be "bigger than me". I really hope and pray to God that I can survive the first semester. I feel like there's no time to "adjust" to life here because you are constantly worrying about Histology and Anatomy that major things like food and sleep are often compromised. I want to organize my time and be able to cook ahead of time for the whole week. It would save me a lot of time and mental energy (I think about what to cook when I go home all the time--Dreading the cooking part already!)

Last night was very unproductive. I was going to take a nap for supposedly 45 mins but my alarm didn't go off and slept in till 12:30 a.m. but I feel like I really needed those 5 hours of sleep. Then I woke up, drank water and went right back to sleep lol. I'm trying to not punish myself too much. There was a big party last night and everyone was out having fun and enjoying their little time off...I felt like I should do the same, albeit in a very different way. I should have some "ME" time. Sleeping does it for me. Man I really miss my "morning me time" with mom. My mornings now consist of waking up at 6 a.m., showering, eating breakfast real fast while studying for anatomy, praying and rushing for the bus. I have no time to just sit there, sip my coffee and do nothing. Gotta kiss those days goodbye!

I gotta get back to studying.

This is the view 2 mins away from where I live.

Till next time


Anonymous said...

How did you decided between MUA and SJSM?