Sunday, January 16, 2011

Changing the name of this blog...

So today I was seriously contemplating changing the name of this blog. Yes I am still very neurotic hahaha but I don't know about the second part. I can't be a perfectionist and in med school at the same time. I tried very hard to read every little detail of histo last night but it was just impossible! Everyone in my study group is way ahead of me...way way ahead of me. And the funny part is they actually understand the material more than I do, even though I have consulted more than one resource to understand the topic (and there's neurotic perfectionism kicking in again--unable to feel satisfaction because in my own eyes I never seem to do things well enough to warrant that feeling of satisfaction.

So I am thinking that maybe I should change it to something boring like "diary of a medical student" or " initial". Not sure yet.

I plan to make a lot of food today and clean my apt! It is a big mess! and I also have to go grocery shopping : ( And I still have a chapter to finish in histo. The plan was to finish all of histo last night and start Anatomy this morning at 4:00 alarm went off and I actually woke up, turned it off and went right back to sleep!

Anatomy, here I come!

Till next time